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With his striking red hair, Chris Bawiec stands out in a crowd. His unique blend of neo-classical/new age/rock music also stands out. It has been described as “Hans Zimmer, Enigma, and Rush in a blender; mix and chill.”

With more than 30 years of writing, producing and performing, Bawiec has refined and perfected his original blend of music. After rocking out in the 80’s and 90’s, he grew into new age and classical as he became a “more seasoned” composer (i.e., got older!) In 2008, Bawiec released a digital-only EP entitled “Secret Passages”. It was his first experiment combining rock with new age and downtempo. The venture turned out to be a hit! The music was very well received gaining national airplay on NPR and a number of internet radio stations.

"Moving Mountains is filled with music that I love. I wrote this music for myself. This hasn't always been the case. In the past I wrote for radio, the media, what I thought others would like. I never thought anyone else would like the blend of music that I am doing now. As it turns out, the response has been awesome. I'm so glad others love it as much as I do."

Bawiec’s latest CD, “Moving Mountains” has already received great reviews from advance listeners that include both industry professionals and every-day music fans. This CD further explores the blend of neo-classical, new age and rock. Bawiec is currently booking live appearances in support of the CD. Though the music on the CD is as big as an auditorium, Bawiec’s performances fit well into coffee shops, bookstores and other smaller venues. He plays live keyboards and guitar along with his “miniature symphony orchestra” in the form of an iPod.

What does the future hold for Chris Bawiec? The stars reveal radio airplay, music videos, TV appearances, live performances with full orchestras and spreading his music around the world. Bawiec is aiming sky high and he has faith that Moving Mountains will get him there!